60+ Best Cupid Quotes For Valentine’s Day | Funny | Puns 2023

Cupid Quotes

It’s expected to feel some romantic vibe on Valentine’s day because of Cupid’s influence.

The stores are selling cute stuff, and the restaurants in the city are decorating with twinkling lights, cute themed menus, you know you’ll fall in love with.

You can say love is in the air, here we have given a number of Cupid quotes for you to express and feel that love with your partner or crush too.

Pick suitable romantic quotes for Valentine’s day and make it a memorable day.

Happy valentine’s day..!!

Funny Cupid Quotes

Cupid Quotes Funny
  • “Just wingin’ it this V-Day.”
Funny Cupid Quotes
  • “You’re cuter than Cupid.”
Funny Cupid Quotes
  • “I doughnut know what I’d do without you or Cupid by my side.”
Funny Cupid Quotes For Valentine's Day
  • “I talked to Cupid, and he said we’re meant to be.”
  • “Sending you Cupid and a heart, for whenever we’re far apart.”
  • “I’ve been struck by your love and Cupid’s bow and arrow.”
  • “Cupid only had one arrow, and I’m glad he used it on you.”
  • “Keep calm and get your Cupid on.”
  • “Dear Cupid. Next time, hit us both with a little love.”
  • “I’m with Cupid on this one.”
  • “All you need is love and to be struck by one of Cupid’s arrows.”
  • “Not today, Cupid.”
  • “I love you more than words can even describe and I have found the sweetest gift of love from you too.”
  • “Sometimes I look for my carriage because I swear this love is a fairytale and you are definitely my Prince Charming!”
  • “As long as there are waves washing upon the shore is as long as I will be yours.”
  • “I will stand with you on a mountain or along the sea. Anywhere on Valentine’s Day where you are is where I want to be.”
  • “It would not be a heart pounding Valentine’s Day without you. I love you, babe.”
  • “Never doubt the love that I have for you today on Valentine’s Day and forever.”
  • “I am lucky to have found my love, my Valentine, to have and hold for the rest of my life.”
  • “Some people search far and wide for their soul mate. On Valentine’s Day, I am reminded of my luck that we crossed paths.”
  • “Cuddling up and waiting for Cupid.”
  • “Until further notice, assume that Cupid is my Valentine.”
  • “Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without Cupid.”
  • “I’ve been believing in soulmates and being struck by Cupid’s bow since birth.”
  • “Will you accept this rose and being struck by Cupid’s bow?”
  • “Let’s be lovestruck together.”
  • “I plan to enjoy you fully today. Every single part of you. Your mind, body, and soul. This is going to be an incredible day. I love you.”
  • “If I could, I would wrap up all my love for you and put it in a gift box. But they don’t make boxes large enough! LOL (Lots of Love).”
  • “Love is in the air! So don’t hold your breath!”
  • “You love me for my imperfections and I am forever grateful we found each other. Together, we’re perfect. Happy Valentine’s Day.”
  • “Chocolate cupcakes and Cupid’s arrows.”
  • “Thanks, Cupid.”
  • “Find your wings. Be your own Cupid.”
  • “We’re all winging it. That’s what Cupid’s doing, too.”

Cupid Puns

Cupid Puns
  • “Borrowing Cupid’s wings for the weekend.”
Cupid Puns
  • “Love and Cupid’s arrows are in the air.”
Cupid Puns For Valentine's Day
  • “I travel on Cupid’s wings and fall in love with the world.”
  • “You got more game than Cupid and his arrows.”
  • “Cupid got me good.”
  • “Shot straight through the heart.”
  • “Only got one arrow. Better make it count.”
  • “When it comes to hearts, Cupid don’t play.”
  • “Hit me with your best shot. Fire away.” Pat Benatar
  • “I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day with all my heart, and lungs, and liver, and spleen…!”
  • “I will forever be with you. I love you, you are the best thing to ever happen to me. Happy Valentine’s!”
  • “Today is the day of love, just like every other day; I really can’t stop thinking about you because you are my everything. Happy Valentine’s Day, special wife of mine.”
  • “Cupid finally caught me, and I’m so glad he did.”
  • “Crazy Cupid Love.”
  • “Thanks Cupid, but I’m growing my own wings.”
  • “Cupid: the Lord of the Bows.”

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