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Fathers Day Poems

Here are some of the best Fathers Day poems to celebrate this special day.

Moroever, these Fathers Day poems include free printable images to help you share with your dads.

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Happy Father’s Day…!!!

First Father’s Day Poem

First Father's Day Poem
  • A real daddy
    I am only three
    I’ve learned so many things that you’ve taught me me
    the things I have learned will help me grow
    the things you’ve taught me surely show
    I know that blue and yellow make green
    I know one comes first then two then three
    I know how to say thank you and ask
    for things by saying pretty please
    I know that you love me unconditionally
    I know you are my daddy even if you didn’t help Mommy make me
    because you have been there no matter what and you’d never for sake me
    you give me kisses and hold me tight
    you calm my fears when I wake frightened at night
    you kiss my boos and make the pain go away
    only real daddy’s and mommy’s I have that gift Id say
    you are my daddy and I love you with all my heart
    because of you me and mommy no longer have a hole in our hearts.
    Author: Carrie Mcstoots
  • My Father
    My Father
    Often people speak of olden times
    Burdens that they shared,
    In the winter cold, there their feet went just
    struggling through the snow,
    To get food for their young ones
    and blankets to keep them warm.
    For that was my father looking out for his little ones.
    My Father was, and still is
    A great man, Even though he is gone.
    His love for his children will always be strong.
    I love you Dad, always in my heart
    and memories.
    Author: Debra Bryant Lykins
  • A Father Means..
    A Father means so many things…
    An understanding heart,
    A source of strength and support
    right from the very start.
    A constant readiness to help
    In a kind and thoughtful way.
    With encouragement and forgiveness,
    No matter what comes your way.
    A special generosity and always affection, too.
    A father means so many things
    when he’s a man like you….
    Author: Unknown
  • A Little Girl Needs Daddy
    A little girl needs Daddy
    For many, many things:
    Like holding her high off the ground
    Where the sunlight sings!
    Like being the deep music
    That tells her all is right
    When she awakens frantic with
    The terrors of the night.
    Like being the great mountain
    That rises in her heart
    And shows her how she might get home
    When all else falls apart.
    Like giving her the love
    That is her sea and air,
    So diving deep or soaring high
    She’ll always find him there.
    Author: Nicholas Gordon
  • Dad
    Did I ever say thanks
    Did I ever say thanks
    for all the toys you mended,
    games we played,
    outings to the park,
    and the way you
    always tried to cheer
    me when I was down?
    Did I ever say thanks for
    the sacrifices you made
    so I could be involved
    in so many enriching
    Did I ever say thanks for
    working so hard
    to provide for our family?
    Did I ever say thanks
    for having such faith in me
    and always being there
    when I needed you?
    Most of all,
    Did I ever say thanks for caring?
    Author: Unknown
  • Daddy’s Shoes
    We love to wear your shoes, Daddy,
    As you can clearly see.
    Pretending we’re as big as you,
    For soon that day will be.
    We hope to be like you someday,
    Strong, Patient, full of love.
    You’re the greatest Dad on earth,
    With quite the shoes to fill.
    Author: Unknown
  • Daddy, I love you
    Daddy, I love you
    For all that you do.
    I’ll kiss you and hug you
    cause you love me, too
    You feed me and need me
    To teach you to play,
    So smile, cause I love you
    On this father’s day.
    Author: Unknown
  • Father is…
    A Father Is . . .
    A father is a source of strength,
    A teacher and a guide,
    The one his family looks up to
    With loving trust and pride…
    A father is a helper
    With a willing hand to lend,
    A partner, an adviser,
    And the finest kind of friend.
    Author: Unknown

Fathers Day Poems For Stepdads

Fathers Day Poems For Stepdads
  • Into Our Life
    Poet: Catherine Pulisfer, ©2020
    Into my life, you did come
    But at the time I did not welcome
    In my eyes, you were not family
    I was not even friendly.

    But the years have past
    And what a contrast
    You have given support and love
    I now wonder if you were sent from above.

    Thank you for the patience you had with me
    You are an example of what a family should be
    Loving, supportive, and encouraging too
    We love you and all you do!
  • How Blessed We Are
    Poet: Catherine Pulisfer, ©2020
    You are not part of our family
    You can’t tell me what to do
    I remember these things
    I use to say and do.

    You amazed me with your attitude
    You amazed me with your smile
    You amazed me with your patience
    And your love was amazing too.

    Now that I am older
    I can see how blessed we were
    To have a man like you
    Be part of our family.
  • Stepped Into
    Poet: Catherine Pulisfer

    You stepped into our family
    Never claiming to be our Dad
    But you have always been a friend
    And of that, we are so glad.

    So on this Father’s Day, we say
    Thank you for being you
    We so appreciate all you are
    And appreciate all you do.
  • My Step-Dad
    I know you’re not my real father
    although it feels that way –
    Because you do so much for me
    each and every day.

    I wonder if you realize
    how much you mean to me –
    but with this poem, I write to you
    I hope to help you see.

    You do so much more for me, you know
    than my actual father –
    And to tell you straight from my heart
    it’s you Dad I’d much rather.

    I will always love you, Dad
    for everything you do –
    You are the best a Dad can be
    I just want to THANK YOU!
  • A Poem For My Step Dad
    Although you are my Step-dad
    You’re really so much more –
    We get along so very well
    More than I could ask for.
    You always listen to me
    I know you really care –
    And when I really need you
    You are always there.
    All the great things I have learned
    Just by watching you –
    Thanks for, being my Step-dad
    And for the good friend I’ve found in you.

Father’s Day Poems Christian

Father's Day Poems Christian
  • My Earthly Dad
    By Mary Fairchild

    With these three words,
    “Dear Heavenly Father,”
    I begin my every prayer,
    But the man I see
    While on bended knee
    Is always my earthly dad.
    He is the image
    Of the Father divine
    Reflecting the nature of God,
    For his love and care
    And the faith he shared
    Pointed me to my Father above.
  • Thank You, Dad

    Thank you for the laughter,
    For the good times that we share,
    Thanks for always listening,
    For trying to be fair.
    Thank you for your comfort,
    When things are going bad,
    Thank you for the shoulder,
    To cry on when I’m sad.
    This poem’s a reminder that
    All my life through,
    I’ll be thanking heaven
    For a special dad like you.
  • My Hero
    By Jaime E. Murgueytio

    My hero is the quiet type,
    No marching bands, no media hype,
    But through my eyes, it’s plain to see,
    A hero, God has sent to me.
    With gentle strength and quiet pride,
    All self-concern is set aside,
    To reach out to his fellow man,
    And be there with a helping hand.
    Heroes are a rarity,
    A blessing to humanity.
    With all they give and all they do,
    I’ll bet the thing you never knew,
    My hero has always been you.
  • Happy Father’s Day
    You have a loving heart
    And you’re quick to forgive
    Always thinking of others
    And always willing to give
    You’re a loving person
    Who can see only good
    You always do the right thing
    As you believe you should
    A person such as you
    Deserves a special award
    And a recognition
    From Jesus our Dear Lord
    I Love You!
  • Father, son, spirit
    The father conceives his son
    the son grows with his father
    the spirit allows the heritage
    Father, son, spirit. The father says sweet things to his son
    the son is a rosebud to his father
    the spirit remembers the instant of conception
    Spirit, father, son. The father works, gladly
    the son at school, learns much
    the spirit, lovingly, joins them
    Son, father, spirit The son makes his father, a good father
    the union of father and son,
    is the work of the spirit of love
    Spirit, son, father
    Teresa Gonzalez-Lee

Short Fathers Day Poems In Heaven | Deceased Dads

Short Fathers Day Poems In Heaven
  • F.A.T.H.E.R.S.
    “F” faithful.
    “A” lways there.
    “T” rustworthy.
    “H” onoring.
    “E” ver-loving.
    “R” ighteous.
    “S” upportive.
  • Daddy, I Love You
    Daddy, I love you
    For all that you do.
    I’ll kiss you and hug you
    ‘Cause you love me, too.
    You feed me and need me
    To teach you to play,
    So smile ’cause I love you
    On this Father’s Day.
  • Fathers Can Be Solitary Mountains
    Fathers can be solitary mountains,
    All their love rock-like, steep, and strong.
    Though warm and caring, somehow they belong
    Halfway home to mothers’ bubbling fountains.
    Each of us needs love that knows no quarter,
    Reminding us of bonds that cross a border,
    Strengthening our sense of right and wrong.
  • Fathers Need Not Fathers Be
    Fathers need not fathers be.
    All one needs to do is choose
    To love for life, and that embrace,
    Held long and hard, bestows the grace
    Each craves. For all in time must lose,
    Restored alone by memory.
    So now it is with you and me.
  • To My Dad on His Day
    To my dad on his day,
    Of whom I am a living will:
    May your happiness fulfill
    Your goodness, as is just and right.
    Deeds are seeds upon the night
    As wind and wonder have their way,
    Delivering the destined light.
  • Be Kind To Thy Father
    Be kind to thy father,
    for when thou wert young,
    Who loved thee so fondly as he?
    He caught the first accents that
    fell from thy tongue,
    And joined in thy innocent glee.
  • Happy Fathers Day
    Happy Fathers Day
    Happy Fathers day means more
    than have a happy day
    It means i love you first of all
    Then thanks for all you do
    It means you mean a lot to me
    and that I honor you.
  • Always there for me
    I know you will always hear my rumbling and bear my blaring
    I know you will always stand by me even if the world is against
    I know you will always adore me and elevate me
    I know you will think about me every moment
    I know you will be infelicitous without your princess
    I know you will always be there for me
    You know I love you
  • My Daddy
    My Daddy is a mountain
    My Daddy is a sea
    My Daddy smiles again and again
    I love my Daddy
    And I know he loves me
    ’cause my Daddy is a ray of lite
    that warms a winters’ eve
    My daddy is very special to me
    I could not live without my daddy
    as he could not live without me.
    Charleigh Graham

Father’s Day Poems For Grandfather From Granddaughter

Father's Day Poems For Grandfather From Granddaughter
  • Grandpa, you’re the very best;
    You’re a lot of fun.
    When I need someone to care,
    Grandpa, you’re the one.

    You’re always in a really good mood.
    I’m happy when you’re with me;
    I love you, and I always will,
    You’re the best grandpa that could be!
    Happy Father’s Day, Grandpa!
    Joanna Fuchs
  • You’re such a special person,
    You mean the world to me.
    It’s not often I get the chance,
    But I wanted you to see
    The things you do are noticed…
    The love you give, held dear.
    My life is such a special place
    Just because you are here.
    You never ask for anything
    And give unconditionally.
    I want to say, my Granddad,
    You mean the world to me.
    Happy Fathers Day my Grandpa…!
  • Grandpa
    To my wonderful grandfather
    Who has given me so much
    You’ve guided my life
    With your loving touch
    I can’t begin to tell you
    What it means to have a grandfather like you
    The guidance you give me
    Always pulls me through
  • You’re More To Me
    You’re more to me than my grandfather
    You are also my best friend
    You’re always there for me
    For an ear or a shoulder to lend
    You’re the first to hear of my joys
    It’s you I go to if I’ve had a bad day
    I love you more than I have words
    To express myself or say
  • My Grandad
    Everyone needs a Grandad
    One to hold their hand
    To teach them all they need in life
    And to help them understand
    Everyone needs a Grandad
    One to hold them tight
    To lift them up when they get scared
    And ensure them it’s alright
    Everyone needs a Grandad
    One exactly like you
    You keep me safe and think of me
    In everything you do
    I’m so lucky to have my Grandad
    MY hero in the flesh
    When it comes to have a Grandad
    I have the very best
  • Grandad
    You’re such a special person,
    You mean the world to me.
    It’s not often I get the chance,
    But I wanted you to see
    The things you do are noticed…
    The love you give held dear.
    My life is such a special place
    Just because you are here.
    You never ask for anything
    And give unconditionally.
    I want to say, my Granddad,
    You mean the world to me.
  • In Loving Memory
    Tears silently fall,
    That others don’t see.
    For a kind loving Grandad
    That meant the world to me.
    You always had a smile to share
    Time to give and time to share
    Never selfish always kind.
    Such happy emotions
    You have left behind.

Father’s Day Poems Religious

Father's Day Poems Religious
  • Just Like My Daddy
    God, I bet Your hands are really big and strong,
    Just like my daddy.
    God, I bet You sing in the shower–happy songs–
    Just like my daddy.
    God, I bet You cheer for me when I get to first base,
    Just like my daddy.
    God, I bet You have a smiling face,
    Just like my daddy.
  • Most of all, I’m grateful
    And my heart is truly glad
    That today and every single day
    I have you as my Dad!
  • Dad, Father, Papa
    Are some of the names
    You are called
    But whichever is used
    One thing always remains the same
    We celebrate one wonderful person
    every Father’s Day!
  • God made a father who is,
    as sweet as a nectar,
    as brave as a lion,
    as cheerful as a bear,
    and he gave such a dear father to me
  • Dear Dad, you are the greatest,
    Your every move sublime
    You make the right decisions
    Most each and every time

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