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Flirty Dares Over Text

If you are away from your love interest and wonder what are some flirty dares question over text then this is the right place.

Flirty dares over text questions can be helpful to spice up the conversation in no time, especially late night chat.

Moreover, flirty dares are ideal to have a fun time with your crush, girlfriend, boyfriend, or even spouse!

These flirty via text feature dare questions for a girl and guy crush for flirting or expressing your true feelings.

Have fun…!!!

Flirty Dares Over Text To Ask A Guy

Flirty Dares Over Text To Ask A Guy
  • Hit on me like you don’t know me
  • Tell an erotic story to a photo of a celebrity.
  • Send a flirtatious message to your first crush.
  • Lick your own lips in a s*xy way for 30 seconds.
  • Tell me a fantasy you’ve never told anyone.
  • Explain exactly what turns you 0n about your favorite body part.
  • Flirt with a piece of fruit and eat it after.
  • Write my name on your chest and send me the picture
  • Try flirting with the wall and pretend it responds.
  • Reveal your s*xiest dream.
  • Show me how you like to be kissed on your hand over FaceTime.
  • Call a random person and tell them you love them.
  • Pretend to be a cat.
  • Kiss a Pillow for 1 minute.
  • Read the newspaper in a romantic style.
  • Re-enact your favorite romantic scene.
  • Say I love you while doing 50 jumping jacks.
  • Freestyle rap about our relationship.
  • Do the best couple yoga pose.
  • Makeout with an Ice Cube.
  • Tell me the most romantic name someone has ever called you.
  • Give me a romantic nickname.

Flirty Dare Questions Over Text To Ask A Girl

Flirty Dare Questions Over Text To Ask A Girl
  • Tell me the naughtiest thought you’ve had about me today.
  • Shop online for a s*x toy that you think I would like.
  • Describe what you would do if I was there with you.
  • Tell me a dirty dream you’ve had.
  • I dare you to drop everything and meet me for a romantic weekend at the beach.
  • Take a selfie of your eyes with the sexiest pose and send it to me.
  • Say something that would make me show up at your door in a s*xy outfit right now.
  • Make a video of yourself dancing a s*xy dance and send it over.
  • Send me a pic of the naughtiest thing you’ve seen today.
  • Send me a picture of you wearing your hottest outfit!
  • Send me a naughty text message with only emojis.
  • Call without saying a word and s*ck on your fingers.
  • Tell me your naughtiest story
  • Describe the dirtiest outfit you have
  • Send an Instagram DM to your celebrity crush
  • Prank call your ex-partner
  • Tell your current crush that you have a crush on them.
  • Send me the last picture that you took of yourself.
  • Draw me naked and send me a picture.
  • Wear your underwear and send me a picture.
  • Sing a love song to your crush and use their name in it.

Flirty Dares For Your Crush

  • Describe the parts of a girl/boy that get you turned 0N.
  • Shout my name five times and say I love you.
  • Send your ex an “I miss you” message.
  • Ask your best friend to give you tips on how to flirt with girls.
  • Send me a voice message telling me about anything.
  • Explain what position you like the most and why.
  • Send me a picture of U without a shirt.
  • Ask your best friend “do you think I’m hot” and record their reactions.
  • Tell me something you DO want me to know.
  • Write my name on your body and then send me a pic.
  • Describe your worst bedroom experience.
  • Call your favorite local store and ask for a variety of und*rwear.
  • Flirt a random friend on Facebook.

Flirty Dares For Your Boyfriend | Girlfriend

  • Read me the scariest text message in your inbox today.
  • Guess who might not be wearing underwear right now.
  • Act what happened the day you first met.
  • Change your Facebook status to “FEELING LONELY TODAY”.
  • Write down and read aloud the nickname you will love for each other.
  • Describe your best kiss ever.
  • Describe what romance means to you.
  • Demonstrate how you will like to be cuddled.
  • Describe your ideal man or woman.
  • Try your best to s*duce me.
  • “I dare you to make 0ut with me in the back of the movie theater this weekend.”
  • Act like shy teenagers crushing on each other.

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