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Happy Christmas Greetings

If you are wondering what kind of Christmas greetings to include for your loved ones, below are some handpicked greetings just for you.

Moreover, these happy Christmas greetings include inspirational and heartwarming messages for someone special.

Pick suitable greetings for Christmas cards for your loved ones and make them feel extra special on Christmas.

Short Happy Christmas Greetings

Short Christmas Greetings

“Don we now our ugly sweaters… Let’s party! Happy Holidays!”

“Christmas is the only time of year in which one can sit in front of a dead tree and eat candy out of socks. Enjoy!”

“Wishing you hope, peace and lots of Christmas cookies this holiday season!”

“They say the best Christmas gifts come from the heart … but cash and gift cards do wonders too! Happy Holidays!”

“Remember, Santa is watching. Everything. Yes, even that. Anyway, Merry Christmas!”

“Merry Christmas! May your happiness be large and your bills be small.”

“This holiday season, let’s make it a point to cherish what’s truly important in our lives: cookies.” 

“Wishing you a white Christmas! (And when you run out of white, just open a bottle of red).”

“You’re a gift in my life. And not the kind I’d return for store credit. Merry Christmas!”

 “I told Santa you were good this year and sent him a link to your Pinterest board. Merry Christmas to you!”

“This Christmas, may your family be functional and all your batteries be included.”

“Merry Christmas! I put so much thought into your gift that now it’s too late to get it.”

“Please note: Christmas is canceled. Apparently, you told Santa you have been good this year … he died laughing.”

Inspirational Christmas Messages

Inspirational Christmas Messages

“I wish all my family a fantastic Christmas. May this festive season be full of love and happiness for all of us.”

“Merry Christmas my dear. I wish that this Christmas leave you with the most special memories to cherish.”

“Wishing you a perfect Merry Christmas. May God showers you with new opportunities and lots of blessings.”

“Wishing you happiness and harmony at home and lots of success at work. Wishing you Merry Christmas.”

“Christmas is all about spreading happiness and spending good times with your family and friends. Merry Christmas.”

“Sending you lots of love and warm wishes on Christmas. May this day brighten your soul and home with happiness.”

“Wishing you a Christmas full of peace and success. Wishing you a Christmas with your loved ones.”

“All the happiness that you spread on Christmas comes back to you in a special way. Go ahead and paint the world red.”

“May the festival of Christmas leave you with many more new dreams and goals to chase. Merry Christmas my dear.”

“Christmas is the time when you should only be celebrating and cheering. Don’t miss on this magical day. Merry Christmas.”

“With the festive season of Christmas, I pray for your success and joy. May you enjoy Christmas with your loved ones.”

“May the colours of Christmas leave with you a heart full of love and mind full of memories. Merry Christmas.”

“May the auspicious occasion of Christmas bring along double the joys for you. Wishing you a fabulous Christmas.”

“Make the most of Christmas because it brings along the magical moments which stay with us forever. Merry Christmas.”

“On the occasion of Christmas, let us thank God for all his love and blessings by celebrating this day to the fullest.”

Not everyone is lucky enough to be celebrating Christmas with his loved ones but we are. Warm wishes on Christmas.

“May the celebrations of Christmas are only about joys and happy hearts. With lots of love, wishing you Merry Christmas.”

Heartwarming Christmas Message

Heartwarming Christmas Message

“As you celebrate this wonderfully vibrant and blessed day, I pray for your eternal joy and success. Warm wishes on Christmas to you my dear.”

“May the happiness and charm of Christmas stay with you forever and ever. May you have a fantastic holiday season with your loved ones. Merry Christmas to you.”

“All the pain in the heart and all the problems in your life end with the celebrations of Christmas. Merry Christmas.”

“With a smile on your face and hope in your heart, let us welcome the good times Christmas is going to bring along.”

“No heart should be unhappy on Christmas because this is the festival of joy and celebrations.”

“May the celebrations of Christmas never end and always inspire us with goodness.”

“May Santa fill your home with warmth and happiness and leave you with smiles on your face. Wishing you a blessed Merry Christmas.”

“Christmas is the time to be with your loved ones, it is the time to share a laugh and create a memory. Wishing you the best of Christmas celebrations.”

Happy Christmas Message To My Love

Happy Christmas Message To My Love

“Merry Christmas. I want to thank you for all the love, special times, and happiness that you have given me. You truly are wonderful.”

“Merry Christmas. Spending the holiday with you is all I need to have the best Christmas ever. Sending loving thoughts to you on this very special day.”

“Merry Christmas. I won’t need any gifts this year because I already have what I want the most, and that’s you. I am so happy you are in my life.”

“Merry Christmas. Christmas is more special now that you are in my life and I look forward to many more holidays together.”

“Merry Christmas. There is no one in the world I would rather be with on Christmas day than you. I love you with all my heart.”

“Merry Christmas. Christmas wouldn’t be complete without you by my side. Wishing you a holiday filled with love, joy, extra hugs and kisses too!”

“Merry Christmas. Sending beautiful roses to the one I love, along with loving thoughts and special hugs.”

“Merry Christmas To My One And Only! Wishing you a very special Christmas and I’m thankful that you are a part of my life.”

“Merry Christmas. A toast to you on this special day to celebrate our love during this important holiday. It will be a day to remember!”

“Merry Christmas. I am so thankful that I have someone as special as you are to share this wonderful holiday season with.”

I hope you had a good time and got positive feedbacks from your loved ones after reading your Christmas greetings.

Merry Christmas!