135+ Best Names To Call Your Boyfriend In Bed | Dirty | Flirty | Sexy | Kinky 2023

Names To Call Your Boyfriend In Bed

Most couples end up using baby, babe, bae, or synonyms to call their partners.

Yes, nicknames are the best ways to show them how much you love and appreciate them.

However, when it comes to names to call your boyfriend in bed, you need flirty, dominant, kinky, or dirty nicknames for guys to spice things up.

Or when things are hot and heavy.

Dirty names are as important as the nickname you call him when you are out.

Also, nicknames differ from couple to couple as well as the mood and situation.

Like when you call your boyfriend a tiger, lion, or something similar, you are suggesting making love.

Yet there are thousands of nickname ideas for boyfriends that are flirty, dirty, naughty, sexy, kinky, and more.

Don’t settle for any other name.

Note: Guys love to hear masculine compliments, especially in bed, you can try these masculine compliments for guys.

Romantic Names To Call Your BF In Bed With Meaning 2023

Romantic Names To Call Your BF In Bed

If you are wondering what to call your boyfriend in bed that’s romantic with meaning then take a look below for inspiration.

  1. Agapi Mou: Greek for “my love”.
  2. Ahuva: Means beloved in Hebrew.
  3. Alamea: Means precious in Hawaiian.
  4. Amante: Lover in Italian.
  5. Cupcake: If he doesn’t like you compared him with dessert.
  1. Honey Bun: He’s too sweet to the core.
  2. Cariño: Darling in Spanish.
  3. Amazing: A beautiful compliment for men.
  4. Anchor: Nice way to let him know that you depend on him.
  5. Beau: A classic way to refer to your boyfriend, means handsome in French.

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  1. Lovebird: Nice way to refer to a pair (couple) bonding.
  2. Lover Boy: A cheekier way to call your bf lover.
  3. Mr. Wonderful: One of the best compliments for your boyfriend.
  4. One: He’s the one for you.
  5. Romeo: The most romantic way to call your bf in bed.
  6. Señor: Means sir in Spanish.
  7. Soulmate: You are deeply in love with him.
  8. Sugar: He’s sweet and addictive as sugar.
  9. Vita Mia: Means my life in Italian.

Dirty Names To Call Your Boyfriend In Bed 2023

Below are some of the best and dirty nicknames for boyfriend that are perfect names to call your partner in bed.

  1. Casanova: A legendary figure of romance that any man would love to be compared to.
  2. Baby: Suitable nickname for any mood or situation.
  3. Sweet Cheeks: Not the face ones. 👇🏻😉
  4. Bro: He’s a high-five guy after s*x.
  5. Boy Toy: A nickname and a label.😍
  1. Sexy: An effective and classic nickname.
  2. Hottie: He’s hot and good in 🛏.
  3. Hercules: He’s extra strong.
  4. Hot Cakes: He’s always ready for fun.
  5. Pl*yboy: Because you’re his bunny or ready to be.

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  1. Hunk: He’s too hot to be ignored.
  2. My Man: Use when things are hot and heavy during s*x.
  3. Hot Stuff: Ideal for an incredibly hot boyfriend.
  4. The hulk: He has high stamina.😉
  5. Ice Man: He’s incredibly cool.
  6. Juicy: When you want to take a bite out of him.
  7. Killer: In bed!
  8. Kisser: That’s what he is good at (not the usual lips).👇🏻
  9. Legs: As the name suggests.
  10. Lightning: He’s super fast and burning hot in b*d.
  11. Lion: You want him “lion” in your bed.
  12. Panther: He has a big gun.
  13. Tiger: If he satisfies you or wild then it’s a great nickname.
  14. Trouble: You can’t resist.
  15. Zaddy: A sexy and fashionable man.
  16. Big Boy: He’s large in all departments.
  17. Big D: D doesn’t stand for dimples.
  18. Big Daddy: As the name suggests.
  19. Booty: He’s the man with some junk in his trunk.
  20. Boy Toy: You love to play with him and him. 👈 (if you know him)

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  1. Devil: When he’s seriously naughty.
  2. Naughty: As the name suggests.
  3. Oppa: Similar Daddy in Korean.
  4. S*x God: He’s too good at it.
  5. Sexy: A classic hot name.
  6. S*xy B*tt: When you can’t stop checking out dat A$$.
  7. Toy Boy: He’s your Boy and Toy.
  8. Troublemaker: You get into trouble when he’s around.
  9. Woody: He has expertise with other kinds of toys.
  10. Bad Boy: Every guy secretly loves being called a masculine name.
  11. Big Fella: For the larger guy.
  12. Big Guy: 👆
  13. Boss: A masculine name because guys are in charge.
  14. Boss Man: 👆
  15. Candy: You just love a taste of him.
  16. Captain: He’s in charge😉.
  17. Charmer: He has a real way with words to turn you 0N.
  18. Chief: Make sure he has the handcuffs.
  19. Commander: He does, what he says.
  20. Cowboy: Knows how to ride or he’s rugged, masculine, and independent.

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  1. Eye Candy: You can’t take your eyes off of him.
  2. Feisty: When he has a wild side.
  3. Fittie: He’s fit (not talking about exercise)
  4. Flame: When he’s looking hotter than hot.
  5. Hot Lips: A situational nickname when you just want to kiss him.
  6. Hot Pants: A little cheekier name similar to above.
  7. Hot Sauce: He’s seriously spicy.
  8. Papa: Similar to daddy.
  9. Savage: He’s an absolute beast in b*d.
  10. Smoochie: Best kisser in the world.

Flirty Names To Call Your Boyfriend In Bed 2023

Here are flirty nicknames to call your partner in bed to make things romantic or while in romantic moments.

  1. Amore Mio: My love in Italian.
  2. Angel: Perfect for a sweet boyfriend
  3. Apple: A fruity nickname for boyfriend.
  4. Beloved: Means the loved one.
  5. Button: You want him to unbutton ur pants right away.
  6. Charming: As the name suggests.
  7. Cookie: He’s as sweet as a cookie.
  8. Cuddles: For a boyfriend who loves to cuddle.
  9. Giggles: Who’s always happy.
  10. G-man: (It’s not gorgeous man)

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  1. Hercules: For a strong boyfriend in bed.
  2. Hun: Shortest as well as cutest boyfriend nickname.
  3. Knave: For a naughty boyfriend.
  4. Knock Out: A perfect name for a stunning boyfriend.
  5. Monkey: A perfect nickname for a cheeky and naughty boyfriend.
  6. My All: If he can fulfill all your needs then call him using this nickname.
  7. Shortie: Popular nickname for a boyfriend in North America.
  8. Teddy Bear: You’re dying to hold tight in your arms.
  9. Wonder Boy: For a little mysterious bf.
  10. Yummy: You want to eat him right away.

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  1. PIC: Partner In Crime!
  2. Pookie: A boyfriend who’s just too cute!
  3. Crazy Pants: A nickname for a guy who’s loud in bed.
  4. Dirty Boy: For a kinky boyfriend.
  5. Honey Lips: For a guy with the juiciest lips.
  6. Other Half: For a boyfriend that completes you.
  7. Come-Again: Takes longer to cum or makes u cum every single time.
  8. Drill Sergeant: He’s 24/7 ready.
  9. Knee Melter: If you can’t resist when he’s around.
  10. Rocketman: He has a big rocket in his pocket.

Kinky Names To Call Your Boyfriend Who’s Dominant 2023

Here are kinky things to call your boyfriend who’s dominant and you want to let him know you appreciate him being that.

  1. Beast
  2. Big Beast
  3. Sexy Beast
  4. Naughty Beast
  5. Bad Bad Beast
  6. Dirty Beast
  7. Dirty Monster
  8. The Big trouble
  9. Sexy Hulk
  10. Hot Volcano
  11. Baddy
  12. God of Hotness
  13. Naughty Cowboy
  14. King Kong
  15. God of Naughtiness
  16. Mister Hotness
  17. King Hawk
  18. Smoking hot
  19. Red hot
  20. Macho man
  21. Fire
  22. Wild bear
  23. Love bullet
  24. Night Vyper
  25. Big Mac
  26. Hurricane
  27. Night trader

Tips for choosing a nickname for your boyfriend

Although every guy is different, therefore here are some of the essential tips when choosing a name for him:

  1. Make him feel good about himself
  1. Avoid personal insults
  1. Mind the situation

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