100+ Romantic Questions For Couples To Know Your Partner Better 2023

Questions For Couples
Romantic Questions For Couples

Do you need more intimacy or closeness in your relationship?

Usually, when you’ve been in a relationship for a while (or you get married), you can fall into routines and that can be romantically damaging for your relationship.

Romantic relationships are all about keeping the spark of love growing. You can do it by wanting to know your partner better and better each and every day.

This can be achieved by taking out a few minutes to just sit and talk with each other, you’ll be able to reignite the love that might be fading.

But what to talk about? And moreover, it can be challenging sometimes to sit can talk with each other.

You might be watching movies or playing games but that’s no help in romance because you are not really given opportunities to know each other.

Here I have gathered 100+ all romantic questions to ask each other (fun, sexy, thought-provoking).

You can get benefit from it and will be able to increase the intimacy level. Let get started!

Very Intimate Questions To Ask Your Partner For Romance 2023

Intimate Questions To Ask Your Partner
Intimate Questions To Ask Your Partner

When you want to level up the intimacy level, there is nothing better than asking intimate questions to your girlfriend, boyfriend, or partner.

“Who was your first crush, and what were they like?”

“What’s your definition of romance?”

“How old were you for your first time?”

“What was your first experience like(physical)?”

“What’s the first thing you found attractive about me?”

“What’s your favorite thing about our relationship?”

“What’s something not obviously that turns you on?”

“Do you have a naughty fantasy you’ve never shared with me before?”

“If we could have it anywhere, where would you choose?”

“Would you rather have it only in the morning for the rest of your life, or strictly at night?”

“How do you define great love?”

“Does the idea of getting caught while doing it excite you?”

“Does the thought of someone watching us excite you?”

“When did you first want to kiss me?”

“What’s your favorite position?”

“What’s something you wish we did together more often?”

“Where would you like to be touched more often?”

“How many times have you been in love?”

“Is there anything you’ve always wondered about me, but have hesitated to ask?”

“What is the first thing you noticed about me?”

“What role does physical attraction play in whether or not you pursue a relationship?”

“What type of scent do you like on a man/woman?”

“What could I do for you that I don’t do now(you know what I mean)?”

“What is the first thing you think when you see me?”

“What qualities make me special to you?”

“Do you look at other men (women)?”

“If you could have three wishes from me, what would they be?”

“What goals do you have for us?”

“What was the first thing you thought when you met me?”

“What were you thinking on our first date?”

“Have you ever been in love before me?”

“What did it feel like when you realized you were in love with me?”

“What were you looking for when you found me? Were you looking for love at all?”

“What can I do to show you how much I love you?”

“Do you believe in soul mates? What about love at first sight?”

“When did you realize you were in love with me?”

“How do you think you best express love?”

“What types of compliments do you like to hear?”

“Is our relationship physical enough for you? What would make it better in your eyes?”

“How and where do you like to be touched?”

“Do you have any fantasies you would like fulfilled?”

“What are your thoughts on toys?”

“Is there anything we haven’t tried that you’d like to?”

“Ideally (and a bit realistically, too), how often would you like for us to be intimate?”

“What are some things I can do outside of the bedroom to keep the feelings of intimacy going all day?”

Best Relationship Bonding Questions For Couples 2023

Bonding Questions For Couples
Bonding Questions For Couples

Whether you’re feeling distant from your partner or spouse, and or looking to grow your relationship bond stronger. These bonding questions for couples can help you and your partner grow closer and get to know each other completely.

“What do you remember thinking to yourself the first time you saw me?”

“When did you know you were in love with me?”

“What are three qualities about me that you were first attracted to?”

“What are three of your happiest memories of our early days together?”

“Is there a smell or a sound that you remember from those early days that still makes you smile?”

“What was your favorite date that we ever had? What made it so special for you?”

“How and when did you know we’d make it as a couple?”

“What are three strengths you see between us that we possess as a team?”

“How did you know you wanted to be with me? Did it happen in a moment or overtime?”

“How do I make you feel especially loved in our relationship?”

“What’s your favorite intimate memory of us? Or top three memories?”

“What do I mean to you?”

“What was your first impression of me?”

“What’s the most romantic movie you’ve ever seen?”

“Do you believe in love at first sight?”

“What about our relationship makes you really happy?”

“If you had one word to describe our relationship what would it be?”

“What’s your biggest fear for this relationship?”

“What’s one difference between us that you absolutely love?”

“What’s one similarity between us that you absolutely love?”

“What about me (outside of a physical feature) made you fall in love?”

“What’s your favorite memory of us?”

“What’s one thing you want to do together that we’ve never done before?”

“Where is your favorite place to be with me?”

“What’s one thing you’re scared to ask me, but really want to know the answer to?”

“What’s one thing you feel our relationship is lacking?”

“What’s your favorite non-physical quality about me?”

“If our relationship ended, what’s the one thing about it you’d miss the most?”

“What do you think was your most vulnerable moment in our relationship?”

“What’s one secret you’ve wanted to tell me, but haven’t?”

“What’s your favorite way to receive affection?”

“What’s one thing you think makes our relationship unique from everyone else’s?”

“If you could change one thing about our relationship what would it be?”

“What do you think is your biggest strength in this relationship?”

“What’s one thing about your life you would never change for someone else, including me?”

“What about us do you think works well together? How do we balance each other out?”

“What’s your favorite childhood memory?”

“What are the ten most important things on your personal bucket list?”

“What are three qualities you admire about yourself?”

“What are three qualities you admire about me?”

“What’s one of your best memories from when we were dating?”

“When you think about the future, what do you imagine?”

“When you listen to music, do you focus on the words or the music?”

“If you could plan the perfect date with me, what would that include”

Romantic This Or That Questions For Couples Game 2023

Romantic Questions For Couples Game
Questions For Couples Game

Here are romantic this or that couples game questions, also called would you rather questions, where you have two choices. You can play this game on a road trip, date night, relaxing at home, or anytime you want to have some fun.

“Would you rather go out for date night or do date night at home?”

“Would you rather have date night every week or date night every month?”

“Would you rather have a kiss every day or a hug every day?”

“Would you rather be intimate three times a week or once a week?”

“Would you rather have an emergency fund or have a travel fund?”

“Would you rather scream at each other or give each other the silent treatment?”

“Would you rather have the same fight every time or different fights every time?”

“Would you rather tell the truth and hurt your partner or lie and not hurt your partner?”

“Would you rather your parents didn’t like your partner or your friends didn’t like your partner?”

“Would you rather do something nice for your partner or buy something nice for your partner?”

“Would you rather forget your partner’s birthday or your wedding anniversary?”

“Would you rather love your partner more or have them love you more?”

“Would you rather go on a fun date or be given an expensive gift?”

“Would you rather pass away before your partner or after your partner?”

“Would you rather ask your partner for help or figure it out yourself?”

“Would you rather go to the theater or the movies as a couple?”

“Would you rather cook for your significant other or cook as a couple?”

“Would you rather be 25 or 45 for the rest of your life?”

“Would you rather your partner be rich and cocky or broke and a sweetheart?”

“Would you rather know all the people your partner has been with or know known of them?”

“Would you rather have a picnic with your partner or go to a fancy dinner?”

“Would you rather be in lust forever or be in love forever?”

“Would you rather learn a sexy couples tango dance or go to a hip hop club together?”

“Would you rather be dumped or do the dumping?”

“Would you rather be an attractive adult or intelligent?”

“Would you rather your partner be besties with your boss or your best friend?”

“Would you rather be embarrassed in front of your in-laws or your partner’s boss?”

“Would you rather be failures together or become successful apart?”

“Would you rather be with someone famous or rich?”

“Would you rather be in a bad relationship or alone for the rest of your life?”

“Would you rather be in a relationship with someone who never says “I Love You” or who never hugs you?”

“Would you rather go out on a double date or have a romantic dinner for two at home?”

“Would you rather live with your partner’s parents or siblings?”

“Would you rather have a trusting significant other or a jealous one?”

“Would you rather have your browsing history checked or your text messages?”

“Would you rather commit a crime with your partner or turn them in for a crime they committed?”

“Would you rather get a professional couple’s massage or a massage by your partner?”

“Would you rather get a terrible gift on your anniversary or no gift at all?”

“Would you rather get matching tattoos or piercings?”

“Would you rather give up the internet for three months or not see each other for three months?”

“Would you rather go on a date with your ex or go on a blind date?”

“Would you rather have a partner who wants to stay up all night or sleep all day?”

“Would you rather take long walks together or take long drives together?”

“Would you rather let your spouse date your best friend or your biggest enemy?”

“Would you rather have your partner be best friends with his ex or your ex?”

“Would you rather love your spouse or be loved by your spouse?”

“Would you rather receive a love note or a dirty text?”

“Would you rather the exes your significant other hate them or are friends with them?”

“Would you rather have your significant other only have one partner before you or 100?”

“Would you rather be kissed on the lips or the neck?”

“Would you rather be on top or bottom?”

“Would you rather be dirty in the bedroom or super romantic?”

“Would you rather be teased with ice cubes or hot wax?”

“Would you rather play the dirty doctor or naughty maid?”

“Would you rather take a body shot or have one taken off you?”

“Would you rather make love outside in the rain or in the shower?”

“Would you rather be giving or receving?”

“Would you rather be intimate with a total stranger or your ex?”

“Would you rather be tied up to the bed or your partner?”

“Would you rather be slathered in chocolate or oil?”

“Would you rather watch someone be intimate or be watched?”

“Would you rather watch your partner be intimate with a stranger or your best friend?”

“Would you rather make love for 5 minutes or 5 hours?”

“Would you rather have your partner do something unexpectedly kinky to you or unexpectedly romantic?”

“Would you rather never love again or never kiss again?”

“Would you rather get from the back or from the front?”

“Would your rather have it in a hot tub or on top of a washing machine?”

“Would you rather have a quickie or have it last for an hour and a half?”

“Would you rather have your parents walk in on you or your children walk in on you?”

“Would you rather make love 3 times a day or once a month?”

“Would you rather your partner pay for it or get paid?”

“Would you rather make love in a dumpster or on the floor of a gas station bathroom?”

“Would you rather be blindfolded or handcuffed?”

Romantic Questions For New Couples To Know Each Other Better 2023

Romantic Questions For New Couples
Questions For New Couples

Here are the most romantic questions for new couples to each other well. There’s always room to know each other better, and perhaps more when you have just mingled as a couple. These include questions about trust, intimacy, and many more topics to know your significant other better.

“What was your first experience like?”

“When was the first time you fell in love?”

“What are the things you value most from the beginning of our relationship?”

“When did you first know you wanted to be in a relationship with me?”

“Are you satisfied with our chemistry and intimacy?”

“In which situations do you feel most secure in our relationship?”

“What makes you feel most loved?”

“What is your favorite meal to share for a date night?”

“What physical and emotional gestures do you appreciate most?”

“What song do you think of when you think of me?”

“What is the main thing that you think makes a relationship last?”

“What kind of physical touch best expresses your feelings for me?”

“Do you still hide dirty secrets from me?”

“What do you love most about our relationship?”

“How do you feel when I’m giving you your favorite flowers?”

“What are the three things we have in common?”

“How do you actually feel whenever I hug you?”

“In our relationship, in which situations do you feel the most secure?”

“What’s one question you never really asked me?”

“What is something romantic you feel our relationship is lacking?”

“What was the first thing that came to mind when you noticed me?”

“Can you change your whole self just for me?”

“What does a perfect date night look like to you?”

“What is the most memorable part you have of our first kiss?”

“What outfit of mine do you think best fits me?”

“What are the things I can learn from you?”

“What memories do you want us to recreate together?”

“Do you want to know anything about my past relationship/s?”

“What was the last thing I did that totally impressed you?”

“Do you think we’re really meant for each other?”

“How do you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day?”

“If you could describe our relationship in three words, what would it be?”

“Do you think there are “traditional” male and female roles in relationships?”

“Do you trust me?”

“What does a balanced relationship look like to you?”

“What is your idea of a healthy relationship?”

“Which of my qualities do you love most?”

“What’s one meal you’d like to have for a romantic night?”

“Do you think there’s a secret to staying happy in a relationship?”

“Is there a romantic movie you want us to watch together?”

“What date night atmosphere would you be most happy with?”

“Do you think physical touch is a big part of a romance?”

“Do you find any gesture in particular romantic?”

“Do you think any of our friends have a great couple life? Should we follow their example?”

“What’s one thing you really like about me, physically speaking?”

“What do you think is my favorite thing about you?”

“If we had all the money in the world, what’s the first thing you’d want us to do together?”

“Do you think we had a great first kiss or was it mediocre?”

“Do you think I look good in my favorite outfits?”

“Do you think our relationship is lacking in something specific?”

“What made you think of me as more than a friend?”

“Do you think we have a lot of fun together?”

“Did you confess to your first crush? Who were they? How did it go?”

“Have you ever had your heart broken?”

“Answer quickly: what’s your best quality?”

“Don’t think about it: why’d you choose me over others?”

“Have your previous partners ever been unfaithful?”

“Which one of us is a more trusting person?”

“Are you satisfied with our intimate life?”

“Do you want us to try something new in bed?”

“When do you think I’m at my sexiest?”

“Am I ever unattractive to you? Why?”

“Singing or dancing? What sounds more fun?”

“Do I make you truly happy?”

“What’s one thing that makes our relationship unique from others?”

“What do you enjoy doing most when we’re together?”

“Do you have a dirty fantasy you’d like us to do?”

“Is doing in the morning something you’d be into?”

“What does “great s*x” mean for you?”

“Do you think love songs are romantic or annoying?”

“Do you prefer it when we text or talk over the phone?”

“Is kissing or hugging more intimate for you?”

“Is it ok if we have good friends of an opposite gender?”

“Have you ever read books about relationship advice?”

“Do you think you’re a ‘girly girl’/’manly man’?”

“Do you ever feel like you have to fit in when you’re with me?”

Deep Questions For Couples To Connect On A Deeper Level 2023

Deep Questions For Couples To Connect On A Deeper Level
Deep Questions For Couples

How well do you know your partner?

If not then here are deep questions to ask your partner to strengthen your connection pretty easily by knowing your partner’s likes, dislikes, trauma, regrets, passions, dreams, and greatest desires. Check out below!

“When was the first time you said “I love you” to someone in your life other than family?”

“When and where did you go on your first date ever?”

“Do you remember our first date?”

“Were you nervous during our first kiss?”

“When did you know you loved me?”

“What is your ideal night?”

“What is your favorite thing about me?”

“Do you believe in true love or love at first sight?”

“Do you think people are made for each other?”

“Where is the perfect honeymoon locale?”

“Describe a fun date that only costs $20.”

“Describe the most romantic date you can think of — spare no expense!”

“If you were on a dating game show, what questions would you ask?”

“What is your favorite memory with me?”

“What do you look forward to experiencing with me?”

“Would you rather a night in a fancy penthouse suite or a private beach house?”

“What’s something you’re glad you’ll never have to do again?”

“What should a healthy relationship provide for the people in it?”

“Is there anything you consider absolutely unforgivable?”

“If you woke up tomorrow with no fear, what would you do first?”

“In your life, what has been the biggest blessing in disguise?”

“If you could write a note to your younger self, what would you say in only three words?”

“What is the one thing that makes you feel alive?”

“What would your perfect day look like?”

“Do you usually follow your head or your heart when making decisions?”

“What is something that never ends well?”

Yes Or No Questions For Couples To Ask Each Other 2023

Yes Or No Questions For Couples To Ask Each Other
Yes Or No Questions For Each Other

No matter where you are or what you’re doing these yes or no questions for couples to ask each other are great conversation starters. You can make it a more fun game or you are curious why the answer was yes or no then note down the question and ask it later. Spending quality time is always a good idea with meaningful discussions with your loved one.

“Have you had many past relationships?”

“Have you ever been cheated on?”

“Were you happy in previous relationships?”

“Do you want to get married?”

“Do you want children?”

“Do you think partners should give each other gifts?”

“Is dining out together quality time?”

“Would you change anything in our relationship?”

“Do you think I can tell if you’re sad?”

“Do you think your past relationships moved too fast?”

“Should cheating be forgiven?”

“Were you ever friend-zoned?”

“Have you had relationships that lasted more than 3 years?”

“Do you think it’s ok to date a friend’s ex?”

“Do you think people in a relationship should spend a lot of time with each other?”

“Have you ever been really mad at me?”

“Do you want us to live together eventually?”

“Is it ok to cry in front of your partner?”

“Are white lies acceptable in a relationship?”

“Have you ever confessed to a crush?”

“Were you ever dumped via text or not in person?”

“Would you change cities to be with the one you love?”

“Are compromises a core relationship aspect?”

“Can you be in love with multiple people?”

“Have you ever wanted to make love in the rain?”

“Would you like to make love outdoors?’

“Would you like to be more experimental in bed?”

“Have you ever broken up with someone via text?”

“Have you ever forgiven a cheater?”

“Can you tell me when I need you?”

“Have you slept with someone on the first date?”

“Have you ever had a friend with benefits?”

“Can you tell me when you need me?”

“Have you ever dated two people at once?”

“Would you ever date an ex?”

“Have you ever hooked up with a friend’s ex?”

“Can you tell when I’m satisfied?”

“Are you happy with our relationship?”

Romantic Date Night Questions For Married Couples 2023

Date Night Questions For Married Couples
Questions For Married Couples

Here are romantic date night questions for married couples to spice things up in their relationship. Moreover, improvise and ask something naughty or sexy if your partner answered something silly or interesting earlier.

“When did you fall in love with your spouse?”

“What is your favorite movie?”

“What is your favorite physical feature in me?”

“When do you find me hot?”

“If you could experience your wedding night, again what would you do differently?”

“What song makes you think of me?”

“What are 5 random facts about yourself?”

“What’s one of your guilty pleasures?”

“What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?”

“What are three of the happiest moments of your life?”

“What’s your favorite season and why?”

“What was your bedroom like as a teenager?”

“What’s your all-time favorite song?”

“What’s the most embarrassing moment of your life?”

“Do you prefer sunsets or sunrises?”

“What’s better, hugs or kisses?”

“Would you rather stay in or go out?”

“What is your favorite memory of us?”

“If you could relive a year in your life, what age would you choose?”

“What is your favorite memory of us dating?”

“What’s another career that you think you’d love?”

“In what ways are we the same?”

“In what ways are we different?”

“What’s a question you’ve always wanted to ask me, but never have?”

“What’s something you’ve always wanted to tell someone, and why? (and who?)”

“In what ways have I changed since we first met?”

“Is there anything I can do to show you love better?”

“What is your favorite thing that I do in bed?”

“What’s something you’re glad you’ll never have to do again?”

“If you could wake up tomorrow having gained one quality or ability, what would it be?”

“Is there something that you’ve dreamed of doing for a long time? Why haven’t you done it?”

“When did you first know you loved me?”

“What would you like more of in our relationship?”

“Do you think you would make a good food critic?”

“What turns you on most?”

Relationships can be tough sometimes, but when you love someone, you owe it to yourself to try.

If you need more topics to discuss with your partner, start with this huge collection of relationship questions to ask.

I hope these questions for couples help you to take your couple life to the next level with our romance & fun card game for couples.

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