50+ Spicy Hot Seat Questions For Friends | Girlfriend | Boyfriend | Couple 2023

Spicy Hot Seat Questions

If you are wondering what are some good hot seat questions? then this is the right palce.

Here are some of the spicy hot seat questions for friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, or couple.

Moreover these hot seat questons ideas suitable for drinking game or parties.

Have fun…!!!

Spicy Hot Seat Questions For Friends

  • What’s the dirtiest thought you’ve ever had?
  • What are your top three guilty pleasures?
  • If you could have a romantic dinner date with a famous person, who would that person be?
  • How many people are on your “people I slept with” list?
  • What are three qualities you look for in a significant other?
  • Lust or love at first sight?
  • What do you like most and least about your personality?
  • What is one sexual activity you consider completely off-limits?
  • What sport would be the most fun to add alcohol to?
  • Are you more dominant or submissive?
  • What is the weirdest lie you’ve ever told?
  • Where is the weirdest place you’ve ever been intimate?
  • What would you rather have, fame or riches?
  • What’s your biggest turn-on?
  • What’s the most embarrassing date you’ve ever had?
  • The stupidest thing you’ve ever done?
  • What does your crush look like?
  • Have you ever cheated on a partner?

Spicy Hot Seat Questions For Girlfriend/Boyfriend

  • What’s your favorite place to get kissed?
  • Do you prefer giving or receiving?
  • What is it that keeps you awake at night?
  • What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done while in front of the guy or girl you like?
  • Which was the worst date you have been on?
  • What are you looking for in a relationship?
  • Do you ever regret breaking up a relationship?
  • How would you describe a perfect date?
  • Which is your ideal honeymoon destination?
  • What’s one song you would describe your s*x life?
  • Do you ever have any regrets about your relationships?
  • What is the one s*xual activity you would consider 100% off-limits?
  • Can you tell someone you love them without saying ‘I love you’?
  • What do you say was the weirdest dream you had about someone inappropriate?
  • What is your favorite pickup line?
  • If you could go on a date with a celebrity, who would you choose?
  • What is a red flag for you in a relationship?
  • How often do you m*sturbate?
  • Have you ever sent a n*de photo?
  • Where is the weirdest place you have had s*x?
  • Is there one s*x act you don’t want to try?

Good Hot Seat Questions Spicy Edition

  • Do you ever look at people of the opposite s*x?
  • Did you debate asking me on a date?
  • How many serious relationships have you had in the past?
  • Where do you see us five years from now?
  • Do you think true soul mates exist?
  • Do you have any doubts about our love lasting?
  • What do you think about love at first sight?
  • What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done?
  • Do you have any silly nicknames?
  • How often do you wash your under-garments?
  • Do you think you’ll marry your current girlfriend/boyfriend?
  • Has your boyfriend or girlfriend ever embarrassed you?
  • Have you ever pooped your pants?

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