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Spicy This Or That Questions

If you are wondering what are some this or that questions that are spicy then this is the right place.

Here are some of the best handpicked spicy this or that questions to have a kinky and dirty conversation with your gf, bf, crush or friends.

Moreover, this or that question games are perfect for get together and parties when you’re bored or spice things up.

Pick suitable questions to ask for spicy this or that game that fit your need or situation.

Have fun…!!!

Flirty This Or That Questions

  • Be a good kisser or great in bed?
  • be kissed in the rain or the dark?
  • Cuddle or make out?
  • Kiss me or not?
  • Date your best friend or a stranger?
  • Make love beside a fireplace or in the rain?
  • Be kissed on the cheek or lips?
  • Date someone who’s good in the kitchen or good in bed?
  • Kinky night or romantic night?
  • Tell someone how you feel over the phone or in person?
  • Tease with hot water or ice cubes?
  • Make love ten times a day or not have it for an entire year?
  • Give up kissing or give up making love?

Spicy This Or That Questions For Couples

  • Live in a lie thinking that the person you love loves you back or to know that they don’t have feelings for you?
  • Live without your partner or without your best friend?
  • Spend your life with someone you don’t love or with someone who doesn’t love you back?
  • Get caught cheating or catch your partner cheating?
  • Kiss your partner or hug them right now?
  • Talk dirty while making love or be completely silent while doing it?
  • Kiss your partner in public or when you are alone?
  • Have a jealous partner or someone who doesn’t care if you see other people?
  • Know your partner cheated on you or never find out about it?
  • Cheat on your partner or propose a 3-some?
  • Go on vacation with your partner or with your friends?
  • Hold your partner’s hand or put your hand around their waist?
  • Propose to your partner/ be proposed to in a public place or in private?
  • Do it from behind or on top?
  • Make love in your bed or on the couch?

Adult This Or That Questions

  • Do it with the lights on or off?
  • Make 0UT with your celebrity crush or get paid $5,000?
  • Make love or have a quickie?
  • Lick or suck?
  • Make out in the back seat of a car or a dark closet?
  • Be on the bottom or the top?
  • Have the best s*x of your life once or mediocre s*x every day?
  • Make love in the shower or the bathtub?
  • Send your n*des to a stranger or an ex?
  • Give 0ral or receive 0RAL?
  • Watch someone have making love or have someone watch you do it?
  • Go for a 1-night-stand or be in a ‘friends with benefits’ kind of relationship?
  • 1 night stand with someone really attractive or someone really skilled in bed?
  • While making love, would you rather be blindfolded or handcuffed?
  • Be submissive or dominant in the bedroom?

Spicy This Or That Questions For Students

  • Find the love of your life or find a million pounds?
  • Shower with your celebrity crush or your high school crush?
  • Have a smartphone again or never have a laptop again?
  • Never drink coffee again or never drink soda again?
  • Never be able to wear shoes again or never be able to wear a coat again?

Spicy This Or That Questions Funny Edition

  • Be ghosted or get dumped over a phone call or over a text?
  • Have unlimited money or unlimited love?
  • Kiss your ex or enemy?
  • Achieve a successful career or find the love of your life?
  • Marry your high-school sweetheart or your college H00KUP?
  • Tell someone you love them or have them tell you they love you?
  • Meet someone and fall in love with them over time or experience love at first sight?
  • Stay friends with your ex or never talk to them again?
  • Lose your v*rginity to a v*rgin or an experienced partner?
  • Move in with your partner before or after marriage?
  • Your parents walk in on you or your children walk in on you?
  • Tell your dirtiest secrets to your boss or parents?
  • Someone hear you making love or see you making love?

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