105+ Unique Nicknames For Boyfriend With Meaning | French | Korean | Arabic 2023

Unique Nicknames For Boyfriend With Meaning

Romantic relationships are more than sharing gifts, meals, or holding hands.

Calling him with a cute and unique nickname to make him fall over again in love.

Guys also like to be called sweet names by their girlfriends, wife, or crush girls.

Therefore, finding unique nicknames for guys is necessary to keep the romance always high.

Here are some of the unique nicknames for boyfriend with meaning in English, Spanish, French, Arabic, German, Korean, and other languages.

Unique Nicknames For Boyfriend With Meaning In French

  • Mon amour: My love
  • Mon ange: My angel
  • Mon trésor: My treasure
  • Mon coeur: My heart
  • Mon canard: My duck
  • Mon chou: My sweet bun
  • Mon lapin: My rabbit
  • Mon chéri: My darling
  • Mon beau: My beautiful one
  • Mon gros: My fat one
  • Mon loup: My wolf
  • Mon ours: My bear
  • Mon nounours: My teddy bear
  • Minou: Kitty

Classic Nicknames For Boyfriend

  • Chef
  • Sir-Loves-A-Lot
  • Peanut
  • Good Lookin’
  • Fella
  • My Pet
  • Hot Shot
  • Wonder Boy
  • Bean
  • Sparky
  • Fluffy
  • Big Spoon
  • Boots
  • Stud Muffin
  • Lover Boy/Lover Man
  • Chicken Nugget
  • Pickles
  • Hot Lips
  • Noodles
  • Romeo
  • Prince Charming
  • Mad Max
  • Candyman
  • Mr. Smith
  • Muppet
  • Bird
  • Panda
  • Mudbug

Unique Nicknames For Boyfriend With Meaning In Spanish

  • Lindo: Cute (masculine)
  • Patito: Duckling
  • Mon homme: My man
  • Mi Vida: My life
  • Papi Chulo: Attractive Many
  • Mon chat: My cat
  • Mi Cielo: My heaven
  • Mon mec: My guy
  • Conejito: Little Bunny
  • Cariño: Dear or Honey
  • Amor: Love or My love
  • Ma moitié: My other half
  • Corazón: My heart
  • Guapo: Handsome
  • Ojitos: Little eyes
  • Querido: My dear
  • Mi luz: My light
  • Mi sol: My sun or My sunshine
  • Príncipe: Prince
  • Mi rey: My king

Unique Nicknames For Boyfriend In Korean

  • 귀요미 (kiyomi): Cutie
  • 애인 (aein): Sweetheart
  • 여보 (yeobo): Darling or honey
  • 자기야 (jagiya): Baby
  • 내사랑 (nae sarang): My love
  • 오빠 (oppa): Honey
  • 왕자님 (wangjanim): Prince
  • 남자친구 (namjachingu): Boyfriend
  • 내꺼 (naekkeo): Mine or My Sweetheart

Unique Nicknames For Boyfriend In Arabic

  • Habib albi: Love of my heart
  • Ya hayati: My life
  • Ya amar: My moon
  • Ya helo: My beautiful

Nicknames for a Boyfriend In Other Languages

  • Liebling: Darling in German
  • Amore mio: My love in Italian
  • Mo Chuisle: My pulse in Gaelic
  • Zeeskeit: Sweetness in Yiddish
  • Xiao Bao: Little bun in Mandarin
  • Neshama Sheli: My soul in Hebrew
  • Chuchuzinho: Squash in Portuguese
  • Ke Aloha: Beloved in Hawaiian
  • Rodnoy: Soul mate in Russian
  • Schnuckiputzi: Cutie pie in German
  • Xiao Bao: Little bun in Mandarin
  • Cucciolo: Puppy in Italian
  • Tesoro: Treasure in Italian
  • Bambino: Baby in Italian
  • Mimmo: Child in Italian
  • Polpetto: Meatball in Italian
  • Honigküsse: Honey kisses in German
  • Zuckerbienchen: Little sugar bee in German
  • Perle: Pearl in German
  • Liebling: Darling in German
  • Kuschelbär: Cuddle bear in German
  • lskede: My Beloved in Danish
  • Puttegøj/ puttemus: Little Cute Mouse/ Parrot in Danish
  • Skat: Treasure in Danish
  • Yndling: Favorite in Danish

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